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AGH armatures

D.O.O. "AGH Engieneering & Marketing" is the enterprise for fittings development, fabrication and turnover.
It was founded in 1979 as OOUR “Polet” within RO “Rad”-SOUR MIN-Nis. Now it operates as joint-stock company with full liability, within the MIN Holding Co.
For the time being AGH employs 110 workers and it has got all the segments, necessary for independent business operations. The workshops occupy the space of 2500 m2.
The fitting are applied in conveying various types of fluid through the pipelines in a way defined in advance.
It is a most frequently used in piping systems for drinking and industrial water supply as well as in some industrial gases supply.
n the last five years, it has grown into a largest producer of industrial pipe fittings, and diameters ranging DN 40 to DN 3000(mm) and pressure from NP 2,5 to NP 64 (bar).The team work and cooperation of all sections contribute to successful fulfillment of all our customers needs. Upon the request, AGH may produce the fittings with characteristics, not defined in the Catalogue.

Our Commercial Department has direct contacts with the customers, suppliers and users and owing to cooperation on all levels it successfully suits and the customers needs and selects the best suppliers.

AGH takes an active part in all symposia, organized by various associations of users or producers of fittings. Our products are quite noticeable in all the specialized fairs.
All our products are made of corresponding steels, heat treated and machined accordingly, as defined by the technical documentation. Generally, the fittings housings are fabricated by welding.
Quality control, tests under pressure and fittings function testing, with appropriate corrosion protection of each individual products as a guarantee for a quality work of your plants.

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The Development Department is equipped with the most advanced PCs. Backed up by highly skilled and creative personnel, it permanently works on developing new products and improving the products already existing in the production programme, based on the market research and customers requests.

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